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Is Lifestyle Design International A Scam?

Scams can be easily identified by a promise of easy money and claims of a sure thing. A little research into a company will uncover its validity (or lack thereof) quickly.

There are plenty of Internet scams offering get-rich-quick schemes that promise you minimal work and a lavish lifestyle. The truth is they are too good to be true. The question of whether Lifestyle Design International is a scam versus a potential opportunity is an important one.

Let’s dig in and discover the answer to this question.

LDI Scam – Easy Money?

Does LDI promise easy money? No income claims are made, implied, or guaranteed. While individuals are making significant strides toward financial freedom (see, results vary significantly from individual to individual. Over and over again Jeff Lerner and Andrew Cass refer to a “earn as you learn” program that requires the individual to put in the time and work to see results.

LDI Scam – A Sure Thing?

Customers/partners of LDI have some amazing things to say about the program. However, there are no claims made that these are the results for everyone. In fact, LDI’s blog is very transparent with the fact that only 3 percent of people who visit the website go on to complete the program. The claim is that if you put in hard work then you will see results, but those results vary for everyone.

All opportunities come with an amount of risk. There is no guarantee that this system will work. For this reason, LDI does not accept everyone into the program. Before beginning, there is a series of questions and an application. Once accepted, there is an interview between the client and a coach to see if this is in fact worth the mentor’s as well as the prospective client’s time. The question the client needs to ask is whether the financial and time commitments are worth the risk. LDI is looking for individuals to partner with who are interested in putting in the hard work to achieve their own goals.

Jeff and Andrew are confident that the LDI system works because it has worked so well for them and for those that have committed to the program. But there are no guarantees in life. Everyone involved is part of the formula to success.

This program is full of lessons learned the hard way by its founders. Lifestyle Design International offers mentorship and training. What you do with that is your business.

LDI Scam – What Does a Little Research Uncover?

Research Lifestyle Design International, Jeff Lerner, and Andrew J. Cass. Discover other ventures they have been a part of and research them as well. They have been part of a group of entrepreneurs highlighted by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers® in a full-page piece that ran in the June 22, 2017, edition of The Wall Street Journal. Dig through their legal disclaimers and you will find a company that, at the end of the day, is interested in helping others discover their fullest potential.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, a promise of easy money, or even a guarantee of success. Lifestyle Design International is a mentor program that enables you to earn as you learn how to navigate the world of online marketing.

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