Real Inspirational Stories From Real Lifestyle Design International Affiliates


Success Stories From The Frontlines!

Family-Man David Finds FREEDOM!

David Buskirk has seen is fair share of success in the finance world, but wanted more freedom for his family and time. He dived head-first into the LDI world and is now pocketing weekly high-ticket commissions.

Thomas' $45,000 Grand Experiment

Thomas was skeptical about LDI at first, but decided to try an experiment. It paid off BIG TIME with over $45,000 in commissions in just 60 days!

How Cory Earned Over $30K In A Day

Cory is a top earner at LDI - his primary traffic source is CPA traffic, which allows him to scale his efforts very easily. In this case, he was attending an LDI Excel Mastermind while he earned over $30,000.

Lars' Double Whammy!

Pretty exciting day when Lars utilized the coach's incredible sales skills to close 2 $1250 commissions for him on autopilot!

Lucy's $8750 Payday

Hear how Lucy is leveraging LDI's coaching team and CPA traffic sources for TRUE hands-off sales and commissions. On this day - over $8750 from a single customer.

Bruce's MASSIVE Passive Income

See how Bruce has generated over $3K / Month in recurring income PLUS $3,750 in high end commissions, in 3 weeks.

$1250 Commission While On Vacation

It's an exciting day when you can make $1250 + commissions while on vacation! It's happening every single day at LDI.

$2500 In One Day - Double Sale!

Roxy had an exciting day when she got 2 Freedom Experience sales for a total daily commission of $2,500!

$7500 Commission While Pumping Gas

Gerry was simply refilling his tank when he got an email notification that he made $7500 commission while driving through the Canadian Rockies with his family.

Five-Figure Day: Over $20K In One Day

Top-Earner Adam Chandler got notification of one of his customers upgrading to Excel AND Elevate, bringing him a 1-day payout of over $20,000!

Lifestyle Design International is a legitimate business that requires input from the business owner. While we make every attempt to properly and accurately report income testimonials, these stories are no guarantee of future results or income. All featured members have followed complete training and business marketing steps that are available to all LDI members, and often go above and beyond to grow their marketing and personal brand. To learn more about how to begin using this system for yourself, CLICK HERE.

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